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Full festival access to our screening blocks and live streams! {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": 0, "max_on_demand_items": 0, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": ["*"], "live": [], "streams": ["*"]}
Access to one block (TEAL, PURPLE, or BLUE) of our festival! If you are looking for full access to all blocks, grab our Complete Package festival ticket! {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": 0, "max_on_demand_items": 0, "max_items": 1, "max_replays": 1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": ["7af7762f-4af5-42a1-8dbe-cc723400a16b", "b8cfdef0-6912-4f77-b65e-6114ff491678", "a94341ff-1f3b-49a2-a6a6-08d29f8c5ae2"], "live": [], "streams": ["*"]}
Admission to our virtual festival - to watch at your leisure between March 27th and April 1st! {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": ["*"]}
General admission for our event March 26th at the VIFF Center in Vancouver, BC! Doors at 10am, show starts at 11am {"live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"live": ["*"]}
This sweet package deal gives you: 1 general admission to our festival on March 26th, 2023 Access to our fest virtually to revisit your favourites, March 17th-April 1st 1 festival tote packed with swag to commemorate our love for local cinema (must be picked up in-person upon entry to our live event on March 26th) {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": 0, "max_on_demand_items": 0, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": ["*"], "live": ["*"], "streams": ["*"]}
Join us for our in-person event March 26th at the VIFF Center AND our virtual program until April 1st to revisit your favourite shorts from our program! March 26th, 2023: Doors at 10am, show starts at 11am Virtual event kicks off March 27th and runs until April 1st. {"live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": 0, "max_on_demand_items": 0, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": 0}} {"live": ["*"], "blocks": ["*"], "streams": ["*"]}
Our TEAL program is full of great Canadian short content!
Cinema Spectacular presents: Choice Cuts! Our five Audience Choice Award winners to date delivered right to your door
Our TEAL program is one of three absolutely electric blocks we have in our fest this year! Enjoy
Our BLUE program is one of three effervescent blocks we have in our programs this year, sit back and enjoy!
Our PURPLE program is one of three unique and tremendously interesting blocks in our festival this year - dig in!
Welcome to the virtual component of our 8th and final Cinema Spectacular festival! Enjoy these films from the comfort of your own screens.
Q+A of our Audience Choice Filmmakers hosted by Bryce Logan of the Let's Watch That! podcast!
Join our five Audience Choice Award winners with moderator Bryce Logan of the Let's Watch That! podcast in a cozy, post-screening Q+A session
A test!
Bryce Logan of the Let's Watch That! podcast chats with our filmmakers!
Bryce Logan of the Let's Watch That! podcast chats with our 2021 filmmakers!
Join us March 26th at the VIFF Center for our final festival, and our first in-person foray since 2019! Doors at 10am, show starts at 11am Come experience an absolutely effervescent program of Canadian low- to no-budget short projects while seated in the comfiest theater seats in town. Musical guest Raincity will be playing in the atrium! Raffle prizes, Q+As, and networking abound! Join us to talk film and celebrate Canadian cinema at The Morrisey post-fest!
In Person: Mar 26, 2023 - Mar 27, 2023
Online: Mar 26, 2023 - Apr 02, 2023
Mar 26, 2023 - Apr 02, 2023
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